Please Follow the instructions to Upload funds at merchant Coinbase with your Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account or Paypal and pay for your order.

Step 1

Click on this link to sign up.

Step 2
Please Login when you signed up Successfully!!

(if you returning customer or have account at Coinbase Start from Step 3)

Click here and Add your payment Method to add Funds in account

Once verification is done

Step 3

Please click here to buy bitcoin of Order Total amount

Step 4

Please Click here and send money to us to the Payment address mention below



You can contact by sending us email if there is any confusion at any step.

Forward payment confirmation email to which you receive from coinbase in your inbox so we can confirm your payment and process your order faster.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Customers: Only use payment address to send Money mentioned above Once Payment is sent Please write an email to so we can confirm.

Do not mention about Medication in Payment message or to Support TEAM if they ask for ACCOUNT VERIFICATION before making payment.

For security purpose they could ask some verification to verify your identity so no one can misuse anyone's bank card.

Click Here and find more information about our other payment methods.